Sunday, July 09, 2006

Update on life

Well its July 9 of 2006, much has changed since the last time I decided to write on here. I had a cool job at a video store but had a nasty manager, that all went to hell when my foot gave out(club foot) so now I just sit around looking at psp stuff and playing video games and watching tv.

This is the most boring summer I think I've ever had in my life. The only good things is, atleast I vget to catch up on my Star Trek enterprise Episodes. Myabe now I'll get to see the entire season. The psp, well that keep sme pretty busy, I own two for the reason of multiplayer with friends who don't own one.
My life well, I got over alot fof things ithat have been bugging the hell out of me Things like friends and relationships, why do people have to be so dumb at times? I'm not talkign about that here, because I would be typing on this for hours. The real bad thing in my life right now is my Left Foot. I have a bad club foot and am unable to walk un-assited. I'm stuck with a crutch for the last two months and don't know when I'll be off it.
I need a Segway HT. I really do. It's very hard to get around my city (St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada) for the hills are many and steep. I have been forced to drive everywhere and pollute the environment.

Does anyone out there know if you can get one through Health Inssurance? If so, could you leave a comment about it.

I Plan toupdate this as much as possible from now on. I have not much else to do and this would help to keep me busy and active.