Friday, April 20, 2007

Well it seems that one of my disabilities has hampered me at another job. People of the world I have a life threatening allergy to Nuts. I have had it all my life. Now for the first time in my sordid life, I have a job/career in something that I truly enjoy. Why is that some people can't realize the simple fact that this will kill me.

In my workplace, you are not allowed to wear scented products and everyone strictly adheres to that policy. I asked my manager on the floor about this and used that in a line of questioning.(Meanwhile I'm segregated from the rest of my team, with little support for my 3rd day as a real agent.)

My manager said, I definitely would get in trouble if I wore scented products into the building. I however am not allergic but only sensitive to them. So I asked him" If i wear scented products but I'm not allergic to them and other people here can eat products with nuts in them but I'm deathly allergic to nuts and there is no recourse for them? Then shouldn't I be exempt from the scents rule?" He said"No."

I think this is unfair, I want to be with my team or atleast be treated with respect and dignity. I respect he no scents rule because I can relate to that person.

I give great customer service. I treat each and every one of them with respect. For if I don't then why would they want to be a customer anymore?

I try to treat everyone I meet with respect, no matter what the circumstance. Life is about equality and diversity.

Why isn't it doing that for me?

Feeling sad and alone at Convergys.............

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